Free Lifestyle Stock Videos

Check out this collection of videos that depict all the different ways we live.use this Video clips in your latest educational or commercial projects.

Baby boy playing with grass

Baby on the belly of his mother play and smiles

Cute laughing baby rolls over on bed

Portrait of a baby

Young boy out in the countryside

Yound boy walking through a field

Annoyed man yelling at his wife

Couple arriving at a night club

Couple holding hands on the beach

Couple walking

Couple walking hand in hand

Couple looking into each other’s eyes

holding hands over rainbow crosswalk

joyful lovers hugging

Lovers walking hand in hand on date

lovers walking through a lavender field

Men & women using russian Kettlebell

Old Couple sitting on a bench in a park

Fashion Designer fits a brown dress

Placing false eyelashes seen in detail

Women adjusting the fit of a dress

Woman at junkyard

Women modelling dress in a studio

Woman riding a carrousel

Women in a Fitting room

Women with breaths of flowers

Antiques and second hand market

Children Playing with a dancing fountain

Commuters at new york’s grand central station

Crowds of people cross a street junction

Interior of the train station

main lobby of central new york 

People in the subway hall in  tokya

Quiet Tokya street in Night

Street with people walking at dusk

Students study on a bench

Subway entrance

Basketball player

Girls doing sit ups

Jogging behind a man in the park

Man Doing Pull ups

Man Jumping Ropes

Woman Stretching her arms

Two Boys playing football

Woman Doing Mountain Climbing Exercise

Woman Doing Warm Up Exercise

Woman runner on the side walk 

Woman Working out with dumballs

Boy dancing with headphone



Dancers practicing a choreography with mask

Dancing in an abandoned building 

Girl Dancing wiht her headphones

Men Breakdancing

Man Dancing Hip Hop

Man with deadlocks breakdancing

Mother and daughters in a kitchen

Two young men dancing in a hall

A man being followed walking in the city

man Writing on the board

Coworkers Informal Meeting

Dancers in the dark

Man Doing Rope Exercise

Men Exercising Outdoors

Shirtless Men Listening Music

Smoky Man 

Man Sad

Man walking listening to music

Woman texting on her phone

Woman using a tablet

Businesswoman having a phone call

Woman Scientist observing microscope 

Front View of a Woman Running

Girl Doing homeowrk in a library

Girl listening music

Girl sad and regret

Girl Looking outside